Protege Onboarding Guide

Program Overview

DealMaker Wealth Societies Protégé Program is a 12 month course broken down into four quarterly Sprints which includes the following:

  • Training Material
    • Your Online Training Portal that includes training modules, student resources, relevant documents, workshops, Zoom links, training archives, your Deal Review Submission Forms, and more! Here, you can learn, explore, implement, and track.
    • The Accountability Chart documents all of the assignments Carl has curated for the quarter! Reminder that you are allotted three retroactive points per quarter for any weekly training you miss and to post all accountability-related posts either in Facebook or the Slack Channel titled #accountability-doc! If you want a recap on how to work the Accountability chart, you can watch this Loom Video for a reminder.


  • Two Weekly Training Calls
    • Protégé Call on Mondays @ 10am CST: This call is a high level training focused on filling any gaps you have in your knowledge. Hosted by coaches and experts, this training is born from what our Protégé’s want to see!
    • Red Light Green Light Call on Thursdays @ 10am CST: This call is hosted by our resident experts who present and unpack Protégé deals that have been submitted. Here, coaches and students alike will review deals and give their red or green lights based on what the information given.


  • Rewards
    • Top Quarterly Point Earner: For the hard-worker who earned the most points over the entire quarter according to the Accountability Chart, Carl will fly out and spend the entire day with them! Whether they decide to hang out and go to their favorite local spots or take Carl alongside all of their dealmaking meetings, Carl will be by their side.
    • Top Ten Point Earners for the Top Earning Team: This lucky handful will be able to partner with your coach, Carl, and each other to go in on a deal together!
    • Mont Blanc Pen: We can’t wait for you to start signing deals with your new pen, courtesy of DWS as a token of our belief in you.
    • Tombstone: For every deal you make, we will send you a customary tombstone in honor of the Wall Street tradition.

How To Get a Deal Reviewed

  • Submit a Deal Review Form for Red Light Green Light Call. Remember that all private information will be redacted so there is no need to worry about potential NDAs.

  • Schedule 911 Call with John McIlroy through me. Reminder that you are allotted three of these 30 minute, 1:1 calls per year! All I need from you is your time zone, your availability for the next business day, and what the deal is regarding so I can fill John in. If you haven’t already submitted a Deal Review Form for the deal, it’s wise to fill it out for your 911s so you aren’t spending precious time catching John up on the specifics while on the clock. *911 Calls require a full 24 hour notice to be scheduled for the next business day.

Next Steps

If you haven’t already, please accomplish the following: